Innovative Technology Solutions for Small and Large Businesses


Pyreon offers result-oriented web, mobile and IT solutions to drive business growth. We work with new-age technologies to develop customized, cost-effective and quality-driven solutions for our clients.


IT Consulting

We choose the most suitable technology, analyze the investment potential, calculate the ownership expenses, define the ongoing maintenance and timeframe for launching a sustainable solution for our clients. Our project managers integrate your product vision with the technical team’s expertise. We advise you on technology and figure out the solutions that could be productive, cost-effective and aligned to your business processes. With Pyreon, you get to choose the right IT strategy and solutions which will be aligned to your business goals.

UI/UX Development

A well-crafted design translates to better communication of messages and greater conversions. By investing our time to understand your target audience and how they respond to certain messages, we create an experience that meets their goals. From content to UI/UX design process is everything is user-centric. We understand that it is not just about aesthetics; it is also about providing your users what they need quickly and conveniently.

Web Application Development

Your web application can be the perfect tool to bring more customers and generate revenue. We combine the highest coding standards with cutting-edge technology to build web applications that meet your business goals. Each of our web application is unique and customized as per your business needs. Whether you want a web application from scratch or want to rebuild an existing web application, we have useful insights and advice to complete the process smoothly.

Mobile App Development

Pyreon specializes in developing user-centric, customized mobile applications which help businesses to upscale based on their future requirements. A blend of domain expertise, updated development practices and pixel-perfect design ensure that our mobile applications are intuitive, robust and user-friendly. At Pyreon, we are experienced in building cost-optimized Android, iOs and hybrid mobile apps for all kinds of businesses.

IT Infrastructure Services

An agile and scalable IT infrastructure is crucial for smooth functioning of business and sustained growth. Without an optimized IT infrastructure, it is impossible to upscale and grow. At Pyreon, we advise you on ways to upgrade and maintain IT infrastructure without any additional overhead costs. Our infrastructure services are business-friendly, secured and efficient which help you to accelerate your business performances.

Cloud Services

To adapt to the ever-changing business landscape, IT infrastructure should be flexible and scalable. By offering public, private and hybrid cloud services Pyreon helps businesses to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. We offer highly-secure cloud environment for businesses to run critical applications. With our cloud services, you can launch products using the latest technologies and upscale your business processes.

Internet Marketing

The right internet marketing technology enables proper data acquisition to generate accurate and clean data insights into user-experience, behavior, personalization and tracks a customer’s journey to a brand. As your digital marketing partner, Pyreon helps brands to connect with the target audience and provide the brand the required visibility to connect with its customers. With a data-driven and goal-oriented approach, we implement digital marketing strategies that ensures actionable results.

Analytics and Visualization

It is literally impossible for any growing organization to scan through the huge amount of data and draw insights from it. But data-driven decisions are known to improve efficiency and decrease turnaround times leading to more cost-efficiency. With the help of our data visualization experts and business analysts you can now filter, sort and drill your data visually. Our team will assist you in implementing a data analytics software which offer visual solutions by combining data from different sources. It is an efficient and affordable process which ensure better efficiency and improved processes.

Industries Served


For more than 10 years, Pyreon has delivered quality software and IT solutions to small, medium, and large businesses of diverse industries. We have developed a deep understanding of different business domains, and the strategies and methodologies that bring enhanced performance for businesses in each domain.


  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • e-Commerce
  • Manufacturing

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