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Want to be a part of a team committed to driving success for businesses? If you are looking for a platform that lets you add value to businesses, provides you exposure to the latest technologies, and lets you grow professionally, Pyreon is the right place for you! At Pyreon, each of our employees’ work counts and is appreciated. We are looking for highly-motivated and proactive candidates who strive for excellence in their work and are always ready to learn!

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HR & Admin Executive

Recruitment, HR Administration

System Administrator

AWS/Azure platform, VMware, Hyper V, AWS CLI and SDKs/API tools, EC2, S3, ECS, VPC, ELB, CloudWatch, Route 53, EBS, Cloud Front Etc.

Why Pyreon?

We’re a people driven company. Our employees are encouraged to use their own initiative to take complete ownership of the projects they work on so that they can drive them to completion with little or no interference or influence from others. This approach encourages open discussion and brings in new ideas thus creating value for the customers. This also builds leadership and management capabilities for the employees and helps in shaping their roles for the future.

Do you think you are right for us?

  • Listen, assimilate and absorb ideas, arguments and break them down quickly.
  • Facilitate discussions, analyze and document them precisely.
  • Communicate ideas with clarity, brevity and simplicity.
  • Work methodically.
  • Take responsibility; act quickly and decisively.
  • Lead, motivate and drive others naturally.
  • Think like a customer and create products of the highest quality.

Compensation & Benefits

Pay and incentives

We are proud to share our success with employees who help us achieve our goals. We strive to offer competitive salaries and programs to reward employees when they demonstrate results.


At Pyreon, your hard work and dedication is recognized and rewarded. We acknowledge the efforts of employees delivering excellent work performance. We consider our employees as our company’s greatest asset and ensure that our high performing employees never go unnoticed.


Considering the importance of good health, we provide health insurance to our employees. With the increasing costs of health care and medical treatments, a health insurance is highly helpful to employees.

Vacations and Leave

At Pyreon, we believe our employees need some leisure time for themselves. Therefore we encourage our employees to take vacations and provide them 42 leaves annually.

Balance & Lifestyle

We invest in our employees so that they can grow and support their lives. Employees can be effective contributors and innovators only when there is good work-life balance. It is important to spend time with friends and family. Overwork causes fatigue thus drastically reducing your productivity — this might cause serious mistakes. To prevent instances of burnout we have a five day work-week with weekends generally declared as off time.

We also encourage our employees to have a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and following a regular exercise regime is necessary for a good life and reduces ailments. Our employees are our greatest asset and we choose to remain actively engaged with them.

Atmosphere & Activities

We do not have a hierarchical organizational structure. Our work environment is informal, free of politics, hostility and one-upmanship focused instead on integrity, trust and mutual respect. The atmosphere at Pyreon is that of an extended family. It is easier to work with someone if you know them well. We encourage development of social relationships among employees by regularly organizing activities that involve not only the employees but also their families. Our monthly fellowships and festival linked activities are a great opportunity to meet, mingle and to get to know each other. Our Annual Picnics and IPL match fellowships are regular fixtures enjoyed by all.

Learning & Growth

Pyreon provides a number of opportunities to employees to help them in adding skills of professional as well as technical nature. Our supervisors are sympathetic and open in sharing knowledge and resources with juniors. Our open and contributory atmosphere promotes information gathering and sharing with the entire team. We offer employees online self-study courses across many technical subjects followed by assessment and certification.

Pyreon offers exposure to live overseas projects from the very first month. Developers get full ownership of entire lifecycle of the product from designing, developing, debugging, delivery to maintenance of the product. Processes used are aligned with industry standards using methodologies like Scrum and Agile. Good documentation, reporting and smart management are central to execution of each project thus providing valuable experience to each developer involved.

Professional growth at Pyreon is based on performance and contribution of each individual.

Equal Opportunities

It is the policy of Pyreon not to discriminate or provide any kind of reservation on the basis of sex, caste, race, age or religion.

The factors that will contribute to your being recruited and retained with us are excellence, performance and attitude. If you are up to the task and are able to prove it, you’re welcome.

Featured jobs listing

Job Title
SR Application Developer
PHP,Laravel, Angular & HTML, CSS
Kolkata, India
Html Developer
PHP,Laravel, Angular & HTML, CSS
Kolkata, India
WordPress Developer
HTML/CSS3,custom theme development ,custom WordPress functionality development, online forms.
Kolkata, India
Web Designer
Adobe Creative Suite, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, CSS, HTML, UI/UX Design, Typography, Branding Quark, QuarkXpress, Photo/Video Editing
Kolkata, India
Drupal Developer
PHP, MYSQL, JQUERY, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Drupal 7/8, Drupal Theming, Drupal Module Customization
Kolkata, India

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